Portland Chapter

Contact Us

Executive Committee:
Chair – Nancy Nordman – chair@portland.surfrider.org
Vice Chair – Parker Gallagher – vicechair@portland.surfrider.org
Secretary Vacant– secretary@portland.surfrider.org
Treasurer – Tyler Nelson – treasurer@portland.surfrider.org
Volunteer Coordinator – Jana Erdman – volunteercoordinator@portland.surfrider.org
Communications Guru – Chanel Hason – media.coordinator@portland.surfrider.org
Green Streets CoordinatorJPgreenstreets@portland.surfrider.org
OFR Coordinator – Jess Gilligan – ofr@portland.surfrider.org
Rise Above Plastics Coordinator – Julia Bonnheim – greenstreets@portland.surfrider.org

We are recruiting for a new Chapter Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary to fill in interim roles between May until November, at which point we will hold formal elections to fill these roles. Please contact Parker (vicechair@portland.surfrider.org) or Bri Goodwin (bgoodwin@surfrider.org) for questions.

Surfrider Oregon Staff:
Oregon Field Manager – Bri Goodwin – bgoodwin@surfrider.org
Oregon Policy Manager – Charlie Plybon – cplybon@surfrider.org

Mailing Address:

Surfrider Foundation – Portland Chapter

P.O. BOX 11523