Portland Chapter

DitchTheStrawPDX – Businesses

Our Ask

Join our movement to reduce plastic straw pollution by piloting a straw-on-request program for one month. Eliminate plastic straws by only providing paper straws upon request.

What We Do

The Portland Chapter provides:

  1. 600 Portland Surfrider-branded Aardvark* paper straws (*Access to continual discount code available after pilot is completed)
  2. Social media promotion of your business
  3. Staff educational & informative presentation
  4. Promotional materials: graphics for bill inserts and/or table tents, and DitchTheStraw buttons for staff
  5. Coordination and support with managers and staff as needed to support the pilot

Businesses only offering straws on request have reduced straw consumption by 40%, leading to cost savings and reducing their environmental impact!

Map of Participating Businesses