Portland Chapter

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Our Ask: Pick one restaurant that you want to become Ocean Friendly Certified

Step 1
Email OFR Restaurant Lead the restaurant you want to target and we will put it into the system
Step 2
Ask for an email/phone number in person of manager or go to the website and email/call to get a quick introduction. See below an example of what you can say.
“Hi. My name is ________ a volunteer with the Surfrider Foundation. We work to protect our ocean, beaches, and water. You may have heard of our successful campaign “Ban the Bag” which banned plastic bags in the city of Portland. We are now spearheading a program called Ocean Friendly Restaurants which gets your restaurant to initiate ocean friendly practices. Do you have time to set up a quick 10 minute phone call so I can chat about what the program entails?”

*You can bring Phil Schlieder (OFR Lead) onto the phone call and/or cc him on all emails to help with communication.

Step 3
Download and attach the below pdf’s to intro email or once you get their contact attach then. This is so they can look into what the certification entails.

Step 4

Follow up with them weekly to check in and help them through the process.

Step 5
Keep the OFR lead posted along the way and keep notes on communication with specific business. At this point we will conduct the audit and move the process forward.