Portland Chapter

HOTYB Program

The Surfrider Foundation Portland Chapter’s Hold On To Your Butt program aims to educate, raise awareness and reduce cigarette butt litter from the City of Portland’s watershed to our coastal beaches. We take a proactive approach in stopping the flow of cigarette butt litter from sidewalks to storm drains and ultimately our ocean through cleanups, education and our unique butt canister sponsorship program.

Featured HOTYB Canister Program Partners

Bob’s Red Mill
Spirit of 77
Up North Surf Club

Hold Onto Your Butt from Hyperion Media on Vimeo.

Environmental Impact of Cigarette Butts

  • #1 item found on beach cleanups – 4.5 trillion discarded each year
  • Cigarette butts leach toxins when wet, posing a hazard to marine life
  • Litter cleanup costs the US over 10 billion annually, and cigarettes represent 32% of that litter
  • Cigarette butts are composed of cellulose acetate, a non-biodegradable plastic
  • Littered cigarettes pose a significant fire threat

Want to get more involved?

  1. Participate in Portland Green Street Cleanups
  2. Attend a chapter meeting and connect with our HOTYB lead to support their work
  3. Help us table and educate our community about cigarette butt litter
  4. Work with a business to sponsor a HOTYB canister

Download HOTYB Canister Program Application



For more information on our HOTYB Program, contact Marianne Monnin at hotyb@portland.surfrider.org