While of course we’re gearing up to captain a bunch of sites for the awesome SOLVE spring beach cleanup on March 22nd, we’re also stepping up the game in April with a ton of opportunities for you to engage in some fun activities while helping to keep our coast clean! The first of which is part of a new business partnership the chapter is working on building out for local sponsors to help support fun cleanup events. We’re proud that ReRack of Portland has stepped up as our first business sponsor for an April 13th event at Oswald West/Short Sands beach.

Why is ReRack the type of sponsor we’re looking for? Well, ReRack is a certified sustainable business through the City of Portland. They try to reuse as much as possible beyond the reuse of racks, they ship orders in reused cardboard boxes, and they always buy used fixtures and equipment when possible.  They recycle almost everything they don’t reuse. They have a Solar Array on the shop to help boost our use of renewable energy, and they also buy green power through PGE. To say the least, they’re a great shop with a common ethic of ours, AND willing to help sponsor an awesome cleanup and BBQ event.

Contact volunteercoordinator@portland.surfrider.org for more information and to sign up for the carpool from Portland!