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Get Earthquake Savvy! Oct 11th


Are you prepared for a major earthquake and tsunami?

The threat of a mega earthquake is real and some preparation and knowledge will go a long way towards your safety and comfort.

Join Surfrider and co-hosts Sea Grant for a special evening with Pat Corcoran, coastal natural hazards specialist, on Tuesday, October 11th. Pat will address what citizens need to know to be earthquake and tsunami savvy. Find out the odds of having the Big One in your lifetime, how to be prepared and where to evacuate to here in PDX or surfing at your go to north coast break. You might be surprised.


October 11th, 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Green Dragon Bistro
928 Southeast 9th Avenue, Portland, OR

Background Resources:

One-Stop-Shop for maps and other preparedness resources:

Quakenami: Why the PNW is Doomed! is a great piece from Outside Magazine that outlines some of what might happen when we get a full-nine rip!


Unprepared -OPB Mini-series + articles: