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Green Streets:Keeping it Clean Upstream

Congratulations Surfrider Portland for removing 616 gallons of trash with the Green Streets cleanups in 2017! That's awesome!

So... what is Green Streets?

Green Streets is a program put on by the city of Portland. Its goal is to help keep our streets clean and our local bioswales healthy. Bioswales are vegetated spaces that filter stormwater runoff before it reaches the city system. The captured water can then help saturate plants and create urban green spaces. As stewards, our main mission is to help keep these bioswales clean from trash and debris.

Tell me more!

Portland is a leader in Green Infrastructure development, and since 2003 the city has built more than 1,200 Green Street facilities to manage stormwater. This year alone, Green Streets stewards throughout the city have put in 639 hours to clear 2114 gallons of trash and 2107 gallons of debris from green streets around the city. Wow! That's a huge impact!

How is Surfrider involved?

Surfrider Portland has been doing Green Streets clean ups for more than 5 years! And this year, Surfrider was awarded the Most Valuable Partner Award for an outstanding amount of trash removed during our cleanup events. Congratulations to our Green Streets coordinator, Ian and of course to all our volunteers! All your hard work has really made a big difference and we couldn't have done it without you! Thank you volunteers!

I want to help!

That's great! We'd love to have you. Portland Surfrider meets on the first Tuesday of every month for Green Streets cleanups. We provide buckets, gloves, trash bags, pickers, and safety vests. This is a kid friendly and dog friendly event so bring the whole family! Check our local events page for times and locations. See you on the streets!

Thank you volunteers!