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Green Streets Ain't Afraid of the Heat!

Last week our Portland Surfrider Green Streets Northside Crew picked up over 60 gallons of litter off North Portland streets and bioswales. This committed bunch of seven volunteers braved the 90 degree heat and picked up a lot of litter left over from the July 4th holiday. This 60 gallons of litter (the volume of your fridge) most likely would have  made it's way into our local waterways and eventually the ocean. Green Streets is a great way to take a local action that directly impacts the ocean resources our globe shares!

Green Streets is a partnership between the City of Portland and our local Surfrider chapter that aims to keep our streets clean and our local bioswales healthy. Bioswales are those cool mini wetland garden thingies cut into the edge of many streets in town. They filter storm water and allow it to trickle back down into our aquifers instead of washing into drains and eventually our local waterways. This innovative way of managing storm water is turning heads internationally, with officials from around the county and around the globe coming to Portland to see how this system is helping preserve our local watershed.
Big props to Nancy, Cat, Luke, Sophie, Ryan and Dore for all their help. This month's weird finds included a GPS, mouth guard, and a melted Popsicle alone on a bench!
Join us every 3rd Tuesday of the month for this roving party that picks up litter along the way! We always have a delicious dessert when we're done! And join Krista on the 4th Tuesday of the month for our Eastside Green Streets on East Burnside!   Email us to find out more! Till next month, stay cool and litter free!


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