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Green Streets Coverage by KATU

The Portland Surfrider Chapter is proud of its ongoing partnership with the City of Portland on Green Streets, a program which aims to collect and dispose of trash on city streets and in particular in Portland's bioswales, collecting cigarette butts and other commonly littered items that may otherwise make their way into waterways and eventually the ocean.

Last week, local news station KATU ran a feature on the work we are doing and interviewed a series of people who are leading the effort, including Surfrider's very own Ian Kennelly who is a Green Streets steward and leads a group of volunteers in monthly cleanups. Find the interview in the below clip:

Read the full article here.

For context: Bioswales are those cool mini wetland garden thingies cut into the edge of many streets in town. They filter storm water and allow it to trickle back down into our aquifers instead of washing into drains and eventually our local waterways. This innovative way of managing storm water is turning heads internationally, with officials from around the county and around the globe coming to Portland to see how this system is helping preserve our local watershed.
Join us soon for an upcoming Green Streets cleanup, important work to be done here.