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Ocean Friendly Restaurant Spotlight: Tiny Moreso

Tiny Moreso's Reusable Smoothie Jars

Tiny Moreso and Rawdacious Desserts founder Jennifer Pereau is blazing the trail in reusables and eco-friendly wholesale in Portland, OR. She’s been on a sustainable business mission for nearly a decade.  “Tiny Moreso hasn’t had any plastic cups since we’ve opened,” Pereau said.  Instead, customers enjoy a reusable glass jar system when indulging in a healthy smoothie.  Tiny Moreso’s fearless leader hasn’t let the pandemic stop her from doing the most for the environment.  The only difference is the jars are now returned for sanitization on an honor system, instead of the formerly required deposit system.


One of Go Box's zero-waste takeout solutions

Pereau’s plant-based cafe also has a solution for the increased to-go demand: Go Box, a reusable on-demand takeout container system with over 100 participating locations.  “Our goal is to up Go Box memberships. I’m encouraging all my friends to get a membership.” Pereau said.  Additionally, Tiny Moreso offers bike courier delivery via CCC PDX

Rawdacious Desserts started as a vegan cheesecake experiment that has blossomed into successes in catering, a cafe, and wholesale partnerships, like with New Seasons Market. Plant Based, and Gluten Free, the Rawdacious treats’ “newest packaging [in stores] will not have the poly lining and will be biodegradable, ” Pereau said.  

Rawdacious Desserts Available at Tiny Moreso and New Seasons Market

Pereau constantly seeks improvement and ways to make a difference.  She’s recently been involved with a coalition of other local businesses focused on JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) as well as the intersectionality with sustainable business practices.  The leaders are “three of us women who care deeply about our city and all the people and animals in it. We want the city to be livable for the everyday working people.”

Jennifer Pereau, Owner

The plant-based cafe owner shares the reminders that “Vegan food is some of the cleanest food, and we use a lot of local vendors.”  Tiny Moreso is a Surfrider Foundation Ocean Friendly Restaurant.  Pereau grew up spending time in the British Virgin Islands growing up and notes snorkeling there now--versus in the 80’s--is much different. “I hate plastic, and I hate seeing it in the ocean.”  So, she sets a precedent for using a closed loop model with reusables. 

To learn more about reusables and sustainable to-go options, checkout the Ocean Friendly Foodware Guide. Encourage your favorite restaurants to join the movement as an Ocean Friendly Restaurant and end single-use plastics!  Contact Jessica Gilligan at for more information.