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Timberline to Town Cleanup September 2018

The 9th annual Salmon Headwaters Cleanup will take place on Saturday September 15th at Timberline Lodge from 10-1PM. With sponsors such as Voodoo Donuts, Mt. Hood Roasters, New Seasons, and Widmer Brewing, volunteers will be fueled for an exciting adventure to help keep things clean up stream.

The following weekend we have the Sandy River Cleanup meeting at Lewis and Clark State Park from 10-3. This fun float provides volunteers with a view of how things up at the mountain impact what's lies below.

We look forward to seeing you up on the Mt. Hood Watershed and hope to see some new faces out there. We wanted to give a huge shout out to all our sponsors: Widmer Brewing, New Seasons, Mt. Hood Roasters, Voodoo Donuts, Portland Mountain Rescue, The Forest Service, Timberline Lodge, Sandy River Watershed Council, SOLVE, Friends of the Sandy River Delta, Stout Creek Outfitters, and River Starts Here.