Next Portland Chapter meeting will take place on Tuesday January 9th from 7 – 8 p.m. at Paddy’s Bar and Grill in Downtown Portland:65 SW Yamhill St.Portland, OR 503.224.5626 On the MAX Line.


  1. Introductions : Introductions: Your name. ? Do you have any surfing goals this year?
  2. Updates
    Treasury Report (David Blackmon) 5 minutes
    Ocean Policy Update (Pete Stauffer) 10 minutes
    BWTF Update (Andy/Jamie)
    Snowrider Activities (Kyle/Kelley)
  3. Current Projects (30 mins)
    Exec Council Elections (Melissa)
    February Retreat Planning- (Melissa)
    Winter Pint Night -(Melissa/Mike )
    Cape Kiwanda Clean Water Classic Surf Contests (Stiv/Ian)
    Potential need for volunteers at G Love concert Jan 26th (Jocelyn)
  4. Opens

Current Officers:

Chair – Melissa Gilbert
Vice Chair – Andi Bernard
Secretary – Jocelyn Gary
Treasurer – David Blackmon
Volunteer Coordinator – Noelle Saint-Cyr
Storm Drain Coordinator – John Thompson