Tabling at environmental events can often be rather tedious. Often there is too much competition from other tablers and your issue might not get much attention. But, stick a Surfrider table at a concert that attracts many surfers from all over Oregon and sandwich it between the performing band’s merchandise traffic and BLAMMO!!! You get a lot of traffic. Though we didn’t sign up many new members, we got a lot of signatures to support our action regarding the measure 37 claim in Cannon Beach that would put a hotel/resort ON our beach. It was nice to get feel for what people from a pretty diverse background had to say on the issue. Regardless of people’s politics it seems that very few Oregonians are okay with obnoxious contrstruction on their beaches. Truly, it seems that vast majority of folks I’ve talked to on the issue feel that Oregon beaches are a treasure (they are) and that they own a part of that treasure. And they’ll protect it. If keep our eye on the ball and stay active, I think we’ll win this one.

All and all, I think we as chapter network need to keep our presence up at these kind of events. We also need to get some laptops in the mix, to make signing up new members easier. People seem to gravitate towards things that flash and blink, and computers do both. Anyway, as always, Jocelyn Gary proved her Surfrider MVP status by making this thing happen and bringing the education and the stoke to table. She’s the model for grassroots activism. Thanks Heavy J.